We no longer offer services.  Even so, these questions/statements are important.  They're a good place to start an honest discussion


Have I lost the ability to drink safely?
If I have, what should I do?
Am I in trouble with other drugs?
I’m concerned about my spouse’s drinking/drug use and don’t know what to do.
My kid is drinking and/or using drugs and seems out of control.
My colleague’s job performance is slipping and I think drinking is the cause.


I’ve stopped drinking and still feel miserable.
There has to be more than abstinence but I don’t know how to find it.
I go to meetings but they seem stale.
My spouse got sober but I’m still angry and fearful.  
My spouse is doing all this recovery stuff and I feel left out.
A drink is looking good right now and I don’t want to go back.
Is this all there is?


Can you help me develop a strategy to address my spouse’s drinking/drug use?
I’m afraid to take any action because I don’t want my spouse to get mad at me.
Why do I need my own recovery?
Is it possible to do an intervention? Do you do them?
My kid is running the house and won’t stop using drugs.
Is growing up in an alcoholic family really impacting my life as an adult?