Thoughts From Brother Francis

Frank Crotty, Brother Francis, was a Christian Brother who knew more about recovery from alcoholism than anybody I ever met.  I went to the last retreat he gave in Syracuse and for once was organized enough to take notes.  Of course they're not in any particular order but these are some of the ones that resonate with me.  The best way to get the most out of them is to slowly read two or three a day and see where they take you.

The disease I have never rests and does not want me to recover. 

Abstinence is only the beginning of recovery.

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous reminds us to "abandon yourself to God".

Make sure your recovery is not a "handyman special"; that is one that looks good on the outside but does not have a firmly constructed foundation.

A person can stop drinking and still not be sane.

Recovery occurs when we realize we are all alike.  I am always in need of recovery.

Accepting your alcoholism is a gift.

The key to recovery is attitude and action.

We can't live alone with our conflicts.  My pain is from thinking my troubles are unique and I have to handle them alone.

We have a disease that wants to remain hidden.

One of our internal struggles is the fear of not being wanted and the fear of being ignored.  Despit appearances, alcoholics have to deal with fear and low self image on a daily basis.

We are not looking for loopholes.  It's the little things that count towards recovery.

In recovery, all they ever told me to do, I did.  That saved my life.

The fact we are not drinking is a miracle.  Faith always preceeds understanding.  The desire to drink was taken away.  I don't know how.

Never underestimate lonliness.  It's very difficult to ask for help.  Do you see yourself as repairable?

In the bar everybody is the hero of their own stories.  Given enough time I can rationalize anything.

A grateful heart is always sober.  Do small things with great love and strive for little acts of kindness.