Would You Like To Stop Drinking?

Such a simple question.  Unfortunately  it's rarely asked.  Instead the phrase "stop drinking" is often preceded by phrases such as "You should"; "You ought to"; "I wish you would" and finally "You'd better".

If the answer is "Yes, I'd like to stop drinking." maybe you could also acknowledge the existence these simple, yet powerful, phrases preceding "stop drinking";

"I'm afraid to"; I don't think I can"; "I don't know how to" and most powerful  "What will be left if I";  

A couple of posts back we talked about what to do to see if you could "control" your drinking.  This is different.  If you've tried to limit, manage or control your drinking and are still struggling perhaps now is the time to get quiet with the question:  Would you like to stop drinking?

If the answer is "yes" then help is available.