Three Pertinent Ideas

The pioneers of Alcoholics Anonymous discovered "three pertinent ideas" which made their recovery from alcoholism possible.  As outlined in the "Big Book" they are:

"a. We were alcoholic and could not manage our own lives.

 b. Probably no human power could relieve our alcoholism.

 c. God could and would if he were sought."

Christmas morning is a good time to reflect on these thoughts.  Should I strive to control my drinking or finally admit defeat?  Do I struggle to conquer my problem or ask for help?  Do I surrender or keep fighting?  Am I on my own with my alcoholism or is there a "power greater than myself" I can turn to?  Will I connect to that Power in a solitary manner or find it in community with others?

Late December, when the days are filled with more darkness than light and, at least in Syracuse, so much of life is caught in frozen numbness, is a good metaphor for the internal life of a person with active alcoholism.  There's little difference between not taking the first drink one day at a time while reaching out for help and the "hopes and fears of all the years" that today represents.  If you stop drinking today imagine having Christmas as your sobriety date!  It's hard to think of a better gift.