Try this if recovery feels a bit stale

Alcoholism isn't a team sport.  Even if a drinking alcoholic is surrounded by people there's an internal isolation.  As time goes on, the magic once found in drinking diminishes then disappears.  It's a disease of loneliness.

The first couple of years of sobriety and recovery reverse the process.  A person starts to come alive in community with others.  The newly sober alcoholic discovers others who have had the same or similar painful descent, found a sober way of living and now offer to share it.  Often one develops gratitude, wonder and belonging. 

Unfortunately as time goes by recovery can feel a bit stale.  The body heals; the chaos of active alcoholism recedes and life gets filled with more pressing "priorities".  It's not unusual to hear folks complain they "don't get anything" out of meetings anymore or they become tired of hearing "the same people saying the same things".  An AA member I know said something wise: "When I feel as if I'm not getting anything from meetings I try to look at what I can bring to the meetings.".

If you find your recovery a bit stale maybe these suggestions might help.  They all involve reaching out to others which is another way of being grateful and giving back: 

-Drive to meetings/group counselling sessions with another person.

-Call someone who's struggling and provide support

-Shake someone's hand at every meeting

-Help set up and clean up the room. 

-Share a meal. 

The key is getting out of yourself.  Staleness can't exist when the focus is on being of service and reaching out to others.